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Do you know about diabetes type 2 or how much it is worse?

First of all we have to know that what type-2 diabetes is. Diabetes of type-2 is a disease which can go on to the end of your life or you can say it long-life disease in which level of blood sugar goes very high then normal or body’s needs, which caused by many factors included most common factor family history or in other words genetic diabetes. This type of diabetes is called Type 2 Diabetes. […]

What do you know about Chronic Kidney Disease or Kidney Disease?

Do you know that what is kidney? Kidney is the two organs of our body which are located in the middle of our back, slightly above the waist. These two organs cleans our blood of the body, tries to level or control the quantity of salt and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and sodium according to the need of our body and helps to keep blood pressure in control. Now we will tell you that […]

Do you know the disasters of coronary artery disease?

What is Coronary artery disease? Coronary artery disease is a disease in which the blood vessels damaged with a waxy substance called Cholesterol-containing deposits (plaque), that blood vessels supply oxygen-rich blood to your heart. When this plaque grows up in the arteries, it made thin your coronary arteries which reduce the flow of blood to your heart and that whole condition known as atherosclerosis. Symptoms by which you can know about coronary artery disease on […]

How you can control Diabetes with your own

What is diabetes? A ruthless condition of the metabolism (the chemical procedures that take place within a living organism in command to maintain life) which causes large amount of thirst and also the large amount of production of urine. Here are some key factors about diabetes: Diabetes is a long-term disease in which blood sugar levels gone high or increased. These are the most common diabetes symptoms in which include intense thirst and hunger, frequent urination, […]

How to effectively Control the Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which there are high blood glucose (blood sugar) levels over a prolonged period. There’s currently a lot being done in terms of research to help put an end to diabetes. There are a number of treatment options to cure the diabetes, if you have this disease. Do everything you can to manage this dangerous condition. You can start fighting back by using the tips listed in the article below. One […]