Do you know about diabetes type 2 or how much it is worse?

First of all we have to know that what type-2 diabetes is.

Diabetes of type-2 is a disease which can go on to the end of your life or you can say it long-life disease in which level of blood sugar goes very high then normal or body’s needs, which caused by many factors included most common factor family history or in other words genetic diabetes. This type of diabetes is called Type 2 Diabetes. There are many risk factors of Type 2 Diabetes but these are the common factors:

  • Bad Diet.
  • Increasing Age (minimum age should be 40 for Type 2 Diabetes).
  • Obesity.

It happens when our body does not remain capable of produce enough insulin for function properly or in you can also said that when body’s cell does not find insulin for react with it properly.


Statistical analysis of type-2 Diabetes:

It was usually occurs in person of greater age of 40 but unfortunately in now-a-days, it also presents in adults, teens and children. It became so popular disease of the world and approximately 90% cases recorded in the world of type-2 diabetes.

According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), currently there are more than 371 million cases of diabetes all around the world in which half of them don’t know about their condition and they also predict that in 2030, it will be rise and its numbers goes more than 550 million.

Risk-factors of Diabetes type-2:

  • Obesity.
  • Usage of unhealthy diet.
  • Lack of involvement in physical activities.
  • Genetically disorder.
  • High blood pressure issue.
  • High cholesterol problem.
  • Smoking.

Symptoms of Diabetes type-2:

  • Disproportionate thirst.
  • Intense hunger.
  • Weight gain.
  • Unusual weight loss.
  • Increased fatigue.
  • Irritability.

How you can treat with it:

  • Sugar Test.
  • Urine Test.
  • Keep ideal level of blood sugar prescribed by doctor.
  • Exercises.
  • Workouts.
  • Healthy diet plan prescribed by doctors.


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